Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Baby Shower Card

So TA DA....I made a cricut card all on my own. :) No pattern from anyone or ideas or anything...all me. That would also qualify as a portion of my New Years Resolutions. :) woo hooo!!!!

Ned and I went out to bagels this morning. :) While we sat and sipped hot chocolate we looked at the Sunday paper. In the Michaels ad there was the Cuttlebug for 50% off. :) Ned said we should go check it out...we did...and then he bought it for me. WOOOOHOOO!!! I was so excited. He is really making this hobby unbelievable. If you don't know what a Cuttlebug is an embossing/die cut machine. I am using it for the embossing effect....note the front of the baby shower card. The pink background swirls were made with the Cuttlebug. :) It really makes all the difference on cards. :)

Well 2010 is off to a good start. :) I'm very excited to see what it brings.

Caitlyn and I went to see "Brothers".  It was a good movie...but sad...and a little overwhelming. But we had a good time. A nice girls afternoon. :) After that...we came home...made some dinner...tacos & quesadillas. Yum! Then I sat down at the table and broke out the Cricut/Cuttlebug stuff and went to work. I did do a rough draft of a brownie/cake gift didn't turn out quite right...but it will next time. :) I need some Valentines paper...and I will be set. No pictures of that yet...but some of you...:) (Renee) will probably have one in hand soon. :)

Good night for now.

P.S. Here's Neddy...he snuck out in the snow....He's a polar bear...what could I do?