Friday, January 8, 2010


So this morning...I got Ned off to work...and the kids off to school...and then cleaned up the downstairs...and off to Cricuting I went. :) Here's my setup. :)

Yes you will notice that Neddy and his partner are here to help...and oversee. For what would My Polar Expressions be without a Polar Bear???

I decided to work on making the card that Ned had an idea for. We designed it on Design Studio the other night...and this morning...I cut it...did some trial and error with ideas...and finally put it together. :) I really think it came out wonderfully. :) I wonder who I will give it to? With Ned's and my creativity can we go wrong?

Thanks honey for such a grand cute idea. :) 
Jana said...

This is so very cute. Any chance you can post the directions for us less crafty?