Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh how I used to love kerokerokeroppi....well....I still do. But when I was in highschool I used to collect pens and stickers and notepads with his picture. I eventually learned how to draw him...and today...I made a design for my Cricut...and I cut him :) and made him on a card. How clever am I? I had a good time cricuting today on my day off. I work one more day and then have 4 off...and you know what I will be doing on those days....hint hint...I hear a

So here are the two cards that I made this afternoon with my Kerokerokeroppi cutouts. :) One is a birthday card...and the other is for any occassion. :) I can't wait to give them away to someone. I'm working on another Cricut Design Studio was Ned's idea...he helped me design it. I won't be cutting it until Friday...but it is going to be magnificent. I'm really excited to put it keep watching for it. We have a couple more ideas too...that will come to fruition at some point. :)

Ned has been a complete lifesaver in this hobby of mine. Today I used the ATG tape gun that he bought me..and personalized for me. It worked perfectly.  He says he has more on the way to help out my habit....I'm so spoiled. :) ...and I love it!!!!
Doanz said...

THAT is the best thing EVER!!!! I love it! Ribbit ribbit!

Jamie Lane Designs said...

Ohhhh, I love him! SUPER CUTE!