Monday, March 8, 2010

Cards, cards, & more cards.

I've been making cards for the last couple weeks...and I've been kinda sick too...but I have been creating...just minus the posting. I'm sorry. I was doing so well too. Thank you Renee for reminding me to get on it. So one of the days I was creating cards and I decided to make a card from each of my cartridges. It was really fun to do. I tend to make cards from the same cartridge over and over, and this really helped me to use each cartridge for a specific craft. :)

I also have worked on another 2 original projects, but I have entered them into the My Pink Stamper Design Team, so I can't show them on here yet. But soon...I will share. I may even add the cut files so that others can make them as well. :) Well...stay tuned ...there will be more. :)
Doanz said...

LOVE IT! How do you do that with just paper and glue? Those cards are adorable. I literally pay $5 for one card like that. Even with a Cricut, I doubt I could be that creative. You rock, girlie. And by the way... my mailbox could use some brightening up. (hint hint) The tree one is my fav. :)

Cheryl Boglioli said...

What a great idea. I really need to be using my carts more b/c I have a stash and really want some more of the new ones. Love your cards and hope you continue to feel even better. I left you something on my blog.