Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The First day :)

Well...I believe it was a success. :) From beginning to end :) Girls were up on time. They looked fabulous as they headed out to the first day of 4th grade and first day of 10th grade. :) I sure love these girlies. :) It was quite a different day without them.
After the girls were off....Ned and I went to Linda's Dahlia's out in Washougal, WA. She has a beautiful garden there full of dahlia's. Ned photographed for a couple hours. I did a little photography of my I, it's nothing like his...but I enjoy it still. I have a thing for the dahlia's that form little hearts with their petals, as you can see here in the red and white one.  Afterward Ned cut 13 flowers for me and bought them. :) They look so beautiful on the table here at home.

After that we did some grocery shopping, I started some potato soup for dinner, and I made some cupcakes. The girls loved the warm treats to come home to. :) They shared their days over warm chocolate and their any better way to do so? :)  I think not! Now if my potatos in my potato soup would just get done, we could have some Until then it's pretty quiet around here. A movie, some Wii, and quiet time. It's been a good day...even if it did rain on the first day of school. Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully some crafting this weekend.