Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Pink Stamper's Saturday Challenge

Still doing well with my challenges. :) I've been able to craft quite a bit lately. I've been making time for it, and it's so relaxing for me. Well yesterday I was out and about doing things, and I looked at the posts on facebook. My Pink Stamper made a post about a Saturday challenge, and at first I thought I would not have any time to make something, but alas, I was able to work on one last night. 

My mom often wants me to make a card for a special occassion, so this year I thought I would make her several cards to put with her Christmas present. :) I was viewing other blogs, and I found this great card holder. :) You can view it over at Capadia Designs. Diane did a great picture tutorial. I could follow it easily. :) It's the perfect holder for cards for my mom for Christmas. :)

Something else very exciting this week. :) I used some of the cricut points that I had and got this super cute apron, and also the "Tie the Knot" shirt. The shirt is so fitting because I'm getting married next year and I just love the cartridge. I was so excited the day these came in the mail. :) I was also really excited because they both 

Sharon said...

This is just awesome!!! I made my Mom cards for Christmas last year. A few weeks ago she said she will be needing some more. Told her that now that she is retired, I'm gonna teach her how to make her own. That will be next week! :)

Amanda C said...

This is such a cool way to give cards as gifts! Thanks for sharing the link. I think I might want to make one! :)