Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Teen Tuesday with Sara #001

I have a really fun treat for you today and actually every Tuesday to come. 

My daughter Sara who is 15, loves to craft, and she loves Stampin' Up! At first I didn't think she was paying close attention when I would get new products, but then she started calling them by name, the different colors and adhesives. She also made me an amazing birthday card while I was on vacation. 

After I saw this card, I admit, I did wonder if my stamps were cleaned, and YES they were. She said, "I used your Stampin' Scrub and the spray cleaner". PERFECT....she has watched me well! " did you cut those butterflies?" I asked. She said, "With your Big Shot and the correct plates". WOW!!!!! Nice job, my little protege :)

Well, to get to the point. We decided today that Sara will do a "Teen Tuesday with Sara" each week. She will make a card, and we will post it to my blog. Then everyone can see what an amazing job she does and be inspired as well. 

Today she used "Bella & Friends" and she chose a great group of colors as well. 

Good job Sara. You have a card for your own collection now too!

Happy Crafting....stay tuned for more Teen Tuesday's with Sara next week.