Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Truly thank you. Most of us don't know what it's like to not live in a free country. We often take it for granted. Those people who gave their lives for our freedoms should be thanked and remembered. 

This Memorial Day weekend was filled with fun and family and lots of love.

We started out on Saturday by going to a baby shower. My best friends daughter is having her 2nd little girl :) I made some simple Rice Krispie treats, but I had to add a little of my love for stamping :) This card was just so beautiful! There is still some "Pop of Paradise" Designer Series Paper available for 1 more day!!!! One of the sheets is the whisper white with the gold foil polka dots. Ohhhh goodness it is beautiful. The baby is gonna be named Emery, so hence the "E" on the treats. 

We did some BBQing for dinner Saturday night. 

On Sunday after church we made our way to the store to get FLOWERS!!! Tons of flowers. I planted on Sunday and Monday. We made the front and back patio alive with color :) Now if I can just keep them watered and fed nicely so they grow extra beautiful that would be good. 

Here is one of the things I do every year, and that is to do this little cascade of planters and fill with petunia's. Usually within a month or so you can barely see the pots, and it looks like a tree of flowers :) 

Then on Monday, Memorial Day we traveled over to the cemetery and spruced them up. My husband has a cool app where you take any pic and turn it into a swirly watercolor. I just love grasses and flowers and even the bronzed headstone all swirly. My grandma loved bright beautiful flowers that could be seen above all others. I think she would have been proud of our selection. :) 

And how could I forget???? I did a Facebook Live on Saturday night! I gave away new ink colors, new ribbons, and several other things. Everyone had a great time. All those freebies went out today in the mail. :) 

I also separated and repackaged a card swap for 40 participants. That was a TON of work....hours!!! 

This long weekend was very productive and fun. There was a ton of sun which meant lots of time on the back patio. 

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I hope that you had a nice Memorial Day weekend filled with all that you love. 

I even had time to craft...and that always makes me happy. 

Happy Crafting to you....