Monday, June 26, 2017



Yes....I have been Missing in Action for a few weeks now. There has been so much going on here it seems. 

I usually make sure I do blog posts on Mondays with a video, but that has been lacking. My family has needed me for various things, and that leaves less time for my own Stampin' Up! 
(poor timing since it's right when I got the new catalog

So...What have I been doing????

Well....We celebrated my mom's birthday a little late with my sister at the new Ilani Casino just up the way. We celebrated Father's Day a little early before my hubby left for camping for 10 days. I went with family to see NKOTB, Boyz II Men, & Paula Abdul (took me right back to middle school). So fun. I traveled to Eastern Oregon for work for 3 days. I received a most gracious gift from a very wonderful customer. 

Then we joined my husband camping. We spent a day in Bandon, OR and had some wonderful seafood, went to Shore Acres Garden and to the West Coast GamePark Safari. We fished and we roasted marshmallows. This camping trip is a tradition that my husband and his friends started years ago....This year was the 30th Annual Phishathon. There was lots of fun personalized memorabilia for all. 

I'm now back in my office and ready to craft it up. :) There are a couple things that are ending in just a few days at the end of June.

1. The Ribbon & Paper Share will close at the end of the month.
Just email me or comment below that you would like the ribbon or paper share and I can send you the link :) 

2. If you are one of my customers already, you received a list of additional freebies for my favorite things. Those freebies are only available in June. for the Giveaway!!!! Go to my Facebook page HERE and make a comment on the post about this blog post. You must comment on the Facebook page for this giveaway. 

This is the 3D Layered Leaves Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder :) 

Stay tuned. There will be lots of new classes and videos and fun things to come :) 

Happy Crafting

Penny L. said...

I was fortunate and got in on Nicole's ribbon share and the paper share. WONDERFUL things! and Nicole has it all labeled and organized so well....what a help that is! If you're considering getting, I recommend it!