Friday, February 16, 2018

#177 Getting Fit - How I got started

I am officially down 52lbs now. If you remember I was at 48lbs last week :)
So....what I'm doing is working

I feel tons better
I have more energy than ever before
I have no heartburn EVER

How have I done it? 
Well lets go back :)

Have you ever watched this show? 
My hubby and I did awhile back. These trainers who have always been fit, gain weight eating the all American diet and then lose it again. They then help someone like me do what they've done. 

Drew Manning who is shown above started this show. He did it because he said he wanted to understand how his clients felt. He wanted to be in their shoes so that he could fully understand the difficult path of weight loss. 

Fast forward a year + and I was scrolling through Facebook, and there was an ad for Fit to Fat to Fit program and I saw Drew. I thought...."oh that's that guy from that show". So I clicked on the link and Voila I lost 52 lbs. LOL. Just kidding. 

I listened to the through some stuff. Remembered that I had heard of this "Bulletproof" coffee from my favorite LuLaRoe lady Danielle Proctor. You can visit her site by clicking HERE. As a side note Danielle does put the best outfits together. She truly has an eye for it. 
Anyways...I heard during one of her live shows that she was doing it and loved it. So I thought well it's worth a try....I have tried EVERYTHING else known to man. ;)

So I did it. I signed up for the Fit to Fat to Fit program for a whole whopping $37. It gave me a sample menu for the week, exercise ideas, and what to eat and what not to eat. 
There is a supplement that he also sells that I have a contact for as well. The supplement is not necessary, but has been helpful for me. 
If you'd like to order some you can do so by clicking HERE with my friend Cheryl. You can even click on the page to contact her and she can hook you up with a few for you to try out. 

So that's how I got started. 
When looking this up this morning, I see there is a new series started, so I'll have to watch and catch up. Watching other people's journey to weight loss is inspiring to me :) 

If I could inspire just one person...I'd be thrilled. But wait...I have, my hubby, my mom and my daughter all started this same program in January and are having great success as well :) 

Stay tuned again next Friday for some more updates and info on how I've done this and am succeeding :)

Have a happy day