Wednesday, June 9, 2021

#263 Wellness Wins


One of my very favorite things about the Weight Watcher plan that I'm on, is the FREE foods. 

The ZERO point foods! 

The purple plan has the most zero foods and that is what has kept me going so far. 

Fruit is zero points.

Veggies are zero points

Brown rice is zero points

Chicken breast is zero points

Potatoes are zero points

This has kept me going!!!

Going so much that I am down 18.4 lbs over the last 6 weeks :) 

I just received my 5lb and my 10lb keychain in the mail. I reached past the 15lb keychain and am hoping to get the 20lb keychain by Friday morning! 
These are called Wellness Wins :) 

These little keychains seem like such a simple little thing and as a 44 year old woman, you'd think they wouldn't be that big of deal. 
But they so are!
Something so small, but it acknowledges the work that I am putting in and I absolutely love it :) 

Weight loss has been a struggle my whole life...and I am hoping this time...I've found something that fits me and my lifestyle. 
Thank you to my best friend who called me out of the blue one evening 6 weeks ago...and said....Wanna try Weight Watchers with me?
Yes! Yes I do!!!!