Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Crafting Party

This year I decided to have a Halloween Crafting time with my family. I sent out invitations a couple weeks in advance and invited my niece and nephews as well as my own kids to a party. A Craft Party :) I thought that crafting is what I really enjoy, so why not do something for a holiday and invite the family to participate in what I know how to do. :) I've wanted to do it for years, and this year, I planned ahead and got 'er done :)

My nephews weren't able to make it, but my niece was able and my sister, brother-in-law, and mom were able to participate as well. We had a blast. First we made individual pizzas with homemade dough. Next we made mummy containers that held candies, popcorn and candy corn :) After that we did greeting cards, and decorated brownie bites. :) Everyone had a great time :)
As you can see...we started getting creative with the frosting for the ended up as mustaches, etc. lol We had a blast. I've been asked to do it again. :) I think Christmas will be calling :)