Monday, December 31, 2018

#244 New Years Hopes #12 of 12 days of December

New Years Hopes
I like that

I hope to focus on the positive
To enjoy every moment
I will start out this year by watching 
"About Time"
A wonderful movie about living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment.

I want to focus on what is most important and then go down from there
1. My God
2. My family
3. My health
4. My job (both of them)
5. Everything else ;)

I want to be a little more organized which will help me with all of the above. 

Tell me what your New Years Hopes are in a comment below or over on my Facebook page for your chance to win this amazing new 
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The winner of the All My Love Ribbon from Giveaway #11 was Jen House! 
Congratulations Jen!!

Happy Crafting Everyone and I hope that you have a safe and Happy New Years Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

#243 Favorite Memory of Christmas 2018 #11 of 12 days of December

Favorite Memory of Christmas

How can I pick just one???
It's too much I'm gonna pick a few. :) 

First of all...our Christmas started on December 21st when my mom was in town for Christmas. 

Getting pictures with these funny girls is sometimes tricky cuz they are always being funny. If you saw my camera roll you would see that there are about 10 pictures alone for this one simple selfie. Oh how I love them and they make me laugh, I hope it never changes.

Another good one, but I don't have a picture to the spirit of making sure my mom had all of her gifts and stuff get home with her, I sent her with Ned's and my gifts as well. So my beautifully engraved Corksicle cup that my mom gave me that I was going to use Christmas morning was up in Long 
I got to meet my Mom and Pops for lunch yesterday and exchange goodies. 

But my favorite memory is just spending time with these guys :) They make it all worth while

I hope that your holidays were amazing :) 

Tell me your favorite Christmas memory below on this blog or over on the facebook post to have your chance to win a pack of the brand new "All my Love" ribbon that is from the Occasions catalog :)

The winner of the Tropical Escape paper was Kathy Beemer! Congrats to you!!!

Happy Crafting and Happy New Years EVE EVE. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

#242 Stockings #10 of 12 days of December

Oh how I love them. I can never get everything to fit, so it spills over on to the floor or couch or whatever they are sitting. 

The stockings that "Santa" fills with care here often include candy of course, gift cards, lip balm, lotion, fun extra gifts that have been found through out the year, some socks....could be a million different little things. 
So much fun.

Stockings are put together very very early Christmas morning. Once we are all awake, we get something delicious to drink some hot chocolate or apple cider or juice and all sit together and start exploring our over flowing stockings. 
It's then time to grab a few treats for breakfast...this year it will be Babe's famous homemade from scratch cinnamon rolls and some fruit :) We will then open some presents and then have some breakfast later on that will include my mom's famous cheesy hashbrown potatoes. Wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Tell me about your stockings for your chance to win the Tropical Escape 6"x6" Designer series paper. 
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The winner for Day #9 was....Kari Noel won the Treat Boxes and Cellophane bags - perfect for all sorts of goodies.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.
Happy Crafting
Monday, December 24, 2018

#241 Favorite Christmas Movies #9 of 12 days of December

Oh Goodness....
Favorite Christmas movies....
Can you name them all???
 These are in no particular order, but I love them all. I have only seen 3 of them this year. I'll have to do better next year. 

For today's giveaway...tell me your favorite Christmas movie...I may have to add to my list next year. :) Comment below or over on my facebook page :) 

Today's giveaway is for the Treat boxes and Cellophane bags. These are great to give away treats all year round :) 

Congratulations to Dianna Knapp - you are the winner of Day #8 the Garden Impressions designer series paper!

 Merry Christmas Eve :) 
Sunday, December 23, 2018

#240 $175 worth of product for $99 starts January 3, 2019...get those wishlists ready!

Why join MY team? 
Why Not???
That is the better question

When you join my team with Stampin' Up! you get to purchase all your product at 20-25% off
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A lot of people sign up with me just for the discount. 
We call those people Hobby Demonstrators. 
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We love hobby demos...I love hobby demos
I hate pressure to sell things. 
I joined strictly to get things at a discount for myself and that is it. 

We all have a Wish List...right? 
It's usually a pretty long list. 
Does your list have $99 worth of items on it? 
I bet it does ;)
You can
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My team is called Ribbon Royalty
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When I signed up...I thought...what is the worst that will happen? 
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There's really no reason not to join. 

So join my wonderful team today and become Royalty ---- Ribbon Royalty :) 

I can't wait :) 
Happy Crafting

#239 Things You're Grateful For #8 of 12 days of December

Things to be Grateful for are easy for me this year. :) I'm blessed for sure. 
I'm incredibly grateful for my little family. 
Here is my hubby and I and both my daughters and their boyfriends. Love all of them :) 

We were all able to celebrate Christmas with my mom and sister and brother this year a little early since my mom is working on Christmas to allow other's to spend time with their little ones :) 

I'm so lucky that we all live relatively close to each other. We of course don't spend enough time together and we really need to. 

This girl wins the prize for the one thing I'm most thankful for....and that is that she is having a little baby this next year and going to make me a gramma :) I can't wait. 

The winner of Day #7 was Monica Talbot! Congratulations you won the Best Route Memories and More Card Set. 

Day #8 Giveaway is for the Garden Impressions 6"x6" Designer Series Paper. 
Tell me what you're Grateful for below or over on my Facebook page :) 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve :) 
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

#238 The "Smell" of Christmas #7 of 12 days of December

The Smell of Christmas...
to me it is snow in the Pacific Northwest, we don't usually get snow at Christmas, but oh the smell of fresh fallen snow is the most wonderful. 

But other smells of Christmas are...
Cinnamon Pinecones
Apple Cinnamon candles
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Fresh cut Trees
My mom's cheesy potatoes
Sugar Cookies
and this year add Cinnamon Rolls ;)

All of those are amazing smells. 
What are your favorite smells of Christmas? 
Tell me below for your chance to win the Best Route Memories and More pack. 
You can make cards with these and you can also use them for scrapbooking

Congratulations Patty Dunlap you are the winner of the Pizza Boxes from day # 6!

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 17, 2018

#237 Christmas Sweets and Treats!!! #6 of 12 days of December

Sweets I know how to do!
What can I bring to a potluck?
What can I bring to a BBQ?

That's what I know how to make best :) 
Every year I make
Fudge - Family Recipe from my Sister-n-law
Rocky Road - Easy Peasy
Candied Walnuts - my Grandma's recipe
Pecan Caramel Bars - Pinterest amazingness

This is a pic from a few years ago when I also made Peppermint bark

Also shown here is another Pinterest amazing recipe for Avalanche Bars - wow they are good!

This year I have plans to make some 
Giant Cinnamon Rolls courtesy of a wonderful lady - Babe O'Mara ;) 
Hoping I'll be successful!
(I just printed the recipe so I can get all the ingredients and be prepared). 

What are your favorite Sweets and Treats to make during the holidays? 

Comment below or over on the Facebook post to be entered to win some of the awesome Pizza boxes from Stampin' Up!
A perfect little box to put some sweets and treats ;)

The winner of the Envelopes from giveaway #5 is Cherie Wright! 

Happy Crafting (that includes baking ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2018

#236 The Tree #5 of 12 days of December

The Tree :) 
I love Christmas Trees with Christmas light :) 

I will admit...we do have a fake tree. There have been too many years of bees, spiders, name it that came crawling out of our fresh cut tree, even if we did have them use the shaker to avoid
So now we go with the artificial tree. It's easy...and I don't have to worry about moving the presents every other day to water it. Lets be honest....I never watered it much and always ended up with a major fire hazard a couple weeks in.LOL

I also don't have to wait for a dry day to go 
cut it down. 

I also wanted to show off one of my favorite new ornaments. :) I got this when I was at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando for OnStage with Stampin' Up!

Tell me about your tree :) When do you put it up, when do you put presents under it? Do you have star or an angel or something else.
One person will win a pack of whisper white envelopes. You know you need to replenish those envelopes after sending out all those Christmas cards. 

The winner of Tea Room Ribbon is Kathy Beemer! Congratulations!!

Happy Crafting until next time

Thursday, December 13, 2018

#235 Christmas Cards & Crafts - #4 of 12 Days of December

Well this is an easy one!

I've got lots of pictures of these :) 
This is what I do!
It's what I love!!
Cards and Crafts!!!
I have to admit, I didn't make that cute little snowman in the bottom middle, but it sure is a cute craft!

Tell me your favorite thing to make during the holiday season for your chance to win the Tea Room double set ribbon :) 

The winner of the Swirls and Curls Embossing Folder is Jen House!
Congratulations :) 

Happy Crafting as the season continues :) 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

#234 Christmas Music - # 3 of 12 Days of December

And believe me....I sing it loud!
You may not want to hear it I can belt out "Mary Did You Know" in the car like nobody's business.

For's never too early for Christmas music :) I know one of you listens to it year round ;)

What's on your Christmas playlist?
Here's my Top 10 - in no particular order
  • Mary Did You Know?
  • Last Christmas
  • O Holy Night
  • What Child is This?
  • Breath of Heaven
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Baby It's Cold Outside
  • All the songs with "Once Upon A Christmas" movie with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Share with me what's on your playlist for a chance to win the 
Swirls and Curls Embossing Folder

And the winner of Day #2 for the "I" clear stamping Block is 
Babe O'Mara!

I hope you all have a wonderful time listening to your favorite Christmas Music

Happy Crafting
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#233 Christmas Lights and a Giveaway

Ohhh How I love Christmas Lights :) 
This beautiful picture of snow with lights was actually from a few years ago and we were so lucky to have some pretty snow.

We have had so many traditions with Christmas lights :) This is a picture of the lights that you can drive through at Portland International Raceway. We've gone the last few years and plan on returning again this year. Hoping to skip the rainy nights this

I'm a sucker for a good Christmas light display. Since my kids were little we have gotten hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music as we drive around and look at the bright lights in the neighborhoods. 

I already feel behind this year as though I can't catch up and it's still early in the season. 

Congratulations to Patricia Robinson for being the winner of Day #1 in December and winning the "Bee Thankful" stamp set. 

Make sure you enter to win the next giveaway. 
Next I'm giving away the "I" Clear block. 
Always nice to have every size. :) 
To enter either comment on my blog here, or on my Facebook page telling me something about Christmas you put them up? Do you love them? Do you drive around and look at them. Tell me about your Christmas Lights experience. 

Happy Crafting

Saturday, December 1, 2018

#232 - 12 days of December Intro and Giveaway

December always starts out with a bang for us :) Today is my husband's birthday :)

Happy Birthday
Ned Fenimore :) 

After some lunch, we went by to see our daughter Sara at her work (The Boba Factory) and this delicious
Honey Toast!
That thing that looks like cake....Nope! It's thick delicious toast with a wonderful sweet flavor :)
Then tonight we will go out to dinner as a family. 

So for our first blog post of December and this monthly blog fun we are about to have...
The question is...

What do I have to do?
Ummmmm.....EVERYTHING!!!! Lol
My Black Friday shopping was not so successful, so I was not able to get my Christmas shopping started as I normally do. Darn it. 

I have baking, shopping, creating, crafting, working, sewing, knitting, card making and so much more to do. Even a smidge of decorating left to do. But I LOVE it all. I love the holiday time of year. :) It's just too fun. 

Giveaway #1 is....
The Bee Thankful Stamp Set. :) 
I'm so thankful for all of you!

What do you have to do this December? 
To enter comment on my blog or Facebook Page. 

Happy December to all of you!
Hope it doesn't fly by too fast. 

Happy Crafting