Monday, December 17, 2018

#237 Christmas Sweets and Treats!!! #6 of 12 days of December

Sweets I know how to do!
What can I bring to a potluck?
What can I bring to a BBQ?

That's what I know how to make best :) 
Every year I make
Fudge - Family Recipe from my Sister-n-law
Rocky Road - Easy Peasy
Candied Walnuts - my Grandma's recipe
Pecan Caramel Bars - Pinterest amazingness

This is a pic from a few years ago when I also made Peppermint bark

Also shown here is another Pinterest amazing recipe for Avalanche Bars - wow they are good!

This year I have plans to make some 
Giant Cinnamon Rolls courtesy of a wonderful lady - Babe O'Mara ;) 
Hoping I'll be successful!
(I just printed the recipe so I can get all the ingredients and be prepared). 

What are your favorite Sweets and Treats to make during the holidays? 

Comment below or over on the Facebook post to be entered to win some of the awesome Pizza boxes from Stampin' Up!
A perfect little box to put some sweets and treats ;)

The winner of the Envelopes from giveaway #5 is Cherie Wright! 

Happy Crafting (that includes baking ;)

Kathy said...

Raspberry Pie

One-N-Jen said...

Holy smokes that peppermint bark looks amazing!!!!! I wish I was a baker kind of person.