Saturday, December 15, 2018

#236 The Tree #5 of 12 days of December

The Tree :) 
I love Christmas Trees with Christmas light :) 

I will admit...we do have a fake tree. There have been too many years of bees, spiders, name it that came crawling out of our fresh cut tree, even if we did have them use the shaker to avoid
So now we go with the artificial tree. It's easy...and I don't have to worry about moving the presents every other day to water it. Lets be honest....I never watered it much and always ended up with a major fire hazard a couple weeks in.LOL

I also don't have to wait for a dry day to go 
cut it down. 

I also wanted to show off one of my favorite new ornaments. :) I got this when I was at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando for OnStage with Stampin' Up!

Tell me about your tree :) When do you put it up, when do you put presents under it? Do you have star or an angel or something else.
One person will win a pack of whisper white envelopes. You know you need to replenish those envelopes after sending out all those Christmas cards. 

The winner of Tea Room Ribbon is Kathy Beemer! Congratulations!!

Happy Crafting until next time

Mmstampingnurse said...

I put up 3 main tree is in my living room. I also have a pencil tree in my kitchen that is all snowmen......I love snowmen! My third tree is in my bonus room and that tree has all the ornaments my kids have received over the years.

Babe O'Mara said...

I have a real tree. I put it up the first week of December. My top consists of a red berry wreath with a red bird inside. The bird is about 6 inches long with a long tail. It matches the drapes in the living room which is a red and gold fabric with birds on it. Not exactly Christmas like, but it seems to work.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the ribbon!!!! As far as a tree, I put up two and this year my twin granddaughters helped me decorate. Let's just say there are a lot of ornaments down low.....too cute!