Tuesday, October 5, 2021

#267 This house is taking all of my time!

 I just love this picture that my daughter posted to her friends showing that we had updated our home

What a difference though...right?
We got a new roof, repainted the place and a new front door!

The front door has to be my favorite! I love the dark wood and I think it just looks so nice on our newly painted house. 

I wanted you to know that I'm still around
Still doing Weight Watchers - down 44 lbs
Still doing Stampin' Up! - I just don't have as much time recently for it. 
Started doing Younique makeup again - I just love the discount!
Still spending lots of time with my 
grandbaby Brooklyn :) 

She's always the best part of any day :) 

Tell me what you're still doing and what the best part of your day is :)