Why Join My Team?

Why Not???
That is the better question.

When you join my team with Stampin' Up! you get to purchase all of your products at 20-25% off.

You can be your own customer.
A lot of people sign up just for the discount. 
We call those people hobby demonstrators.
And we LOVE hobby demos!
Or you can make this a business.
And we love those who want to make it a business too!
That's the beauty of it.
You get to decide what this journey looks like for you.

There is never any pressure to sell or do more. 
When I joined, I joined to get the discount.
And that discount helped my mile long wish list!

We all have a wish list, right?

When you sign up, you get to choose 

$125 worth of product for $99 
have it shipped for FREE!
May 2021 you get $155 worth of product for $99 and FREE shipping!!!

What's even better than the discount?
You get to join my team and be a part of a wonderful group of fun, encouraging individuals. 

My team, Ribbon Royalty, would love to have you!

Ribbon Royalty, because everyone is treated royally.

I mean that.

 Whether you are a hobby demonstrator or choose to make this a business, I value each and every person on my team. 

Everyone has a spot!

Even more fun, by joining my team you will also get to be a part of the team that I am on, Pink Stampers.
You get the best of both teams.
And that is an amazing combination! :) 

Contact me today to find out more :)
or sign up here if you know you are ready

There is a small minimum to meet quarterly and if you don't meet it, nothing bad happens.
You keep all the goodies you got at an amazing price.
And if you no longer want the discount, you can go back to being my customer.

There's really no reason not to join. 

Join my wonderful team today and become royalty, Ribbon Royalty!

I can't wait! :)