Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Advent Calendar

Well....I was wanting to actually post something crafty, but I didn't want the wedding details to be out of order, so I had to throw some virtually empty posts in there. Hope that's

Anyway....before we left for Vegas, Ned bought this advent calendar set for me to put together. I was so excited because the boxes are nice and big to actually get things into.  Ned, Caitlyn & Sara are going to take turns opening the boxes each day.

This project took quite a bit longer than I had originally thought. Before opening the package, I assumed the boxes would fit together somehow with tabs or something...but alas they didn't. They had to be glued together and held for at least 5 minutes. The boxes are out of thick chip board, so the 5 minute hold was a must or I would look over and see the edges starting to pull apart. Also cutting 100 little squares and the notch out to be glued on the chipboard took quite a bit of time. I did end up doing it in stages over a couple days time, but by golly I did get it done before the Busy time of year, and we added a wedding to November, and Ned's birthday is Dec 1st. So it's been a whirlwind actually. Really hoping that the new year brings a little more peace and quiet so I can craft a wee bit. :)'s all set...filled up with individual little surprises for each person...things they will enjoy. :)
femminismo said...

this is a great idea for an advent calendar. Room for some great things!