Monday, July 16, 2018

#216 It's Birthday Week :) Let the giveaways begin!! Giveaway #1

so of course I love my own. :) 

But this week....I want to celebrate all of you. 
I love giving gifts!
This week I will be giving away a gift a day. 
You don't have to purchase a thing!
Just play along and make a comment each day this week on that day's post. 
Birthday Week July 16-July 22
Birthday Day July 20!

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Day#1 - July 16th

Today's giveaway is the Yay You Hostess Stamp Set that is no longer available, a roll of Mini Chevron Ribbon and a set of Stampin' Spritzers :) 

Just comment below and tell me the most recent movie you have seen and if you would recommend it. :) 

Happy Crafting!
Elizabeth said...

We just saw the new Jurassic World. It was fun to see on the big screen, and has Chris Pratt, so watch it!

One-N-Jen said...

Happy birthday!!! Do you have any fun plans?? Summer birthdays must be fun. 😊

One-N-Jen said...

Most current movie I watched was Happy Gilmore! Still so very funny! Most current new movie I saw was Book Club. I thought it was pretty funny!! Are you going to answer your own question??

Elaine Fujimoto said...

Happy Birthday Week !!! Just saw Ant Man and the wasp this past weekend and YES I would recommend it :) It's just as funny as the 1st one :)

Babe O'Mara said...

I saw "A Quiet Place" recently with Emily Blunt in it. Yes I would recommend this movie. It wasn't as scary as the movie trailers portrayed it to be.

PattyCake said...

I don’t go to the theater to watch movies anymore, but the last one I watched yesterday on Amazon Prime was very good. It was The First American, a film about George Washington’s role in the American Revolution and establishing precedents that shaped the role of the presidency in the new government. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea (Boston Tea Part pun intended, lol!), but it was really interesting especially in contrast to today’s partisan politics. The last fiction film I saw was Wind River on Netflix. It’s a murder mystery on a Native American reservation. It’s harsh,but very good.

Mmstampingnurse said...

The last movie I saw at the theater was Creed........good movie because I love anything with Rocky in it! Happy .Birthday Week!

Kathy said...

Oceans 8.... Cute movie

Nicole said...

We just saw Skyscraper with the Rock the other night. It was action packed!!! and very good. Well worth it. Monica....ROCKY's are my fav!!!!! There is a another Creed coming out this fall :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes! We saw that the day before Jurassic World. It was fun!