Sunday, January 5, 2020

#257 New Year, New Decade, I'll cheers to that!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Do you New Years Resolutions?
New Years Goals?
Word for the Year? 

I often have these big lofty goals that I start out with and while they are always well thought out and good intentions are there....they never make it past January usually. 

This year...each month I will try one thing.

January is - 
"No Fast Food Month"

For Christmas one of my gifts was a Instant Pot. I have cooked all weekend with it, and I must say...
So my plan is to use my Instant Pot as much as possible to make meals and use leftovers for lunches. 

This last year went by so fast. I wish I knew how to slow time down a little, especially with my new grandbaby this year. I cherish every moment with her. Below is a few wonderful moments from 
December 2019

Comment below to tell me your traditions for the New Year :)