Friday, February 9, 2018

Down 50lbs....How is that possible???

Well technically it's 48lbs, but that's close enough to 50 right? 
48lbs down since Sept 15. That's almost 5 months. So on average - 10lbs a month. 
Not too shabby. 

It's actually the most weight that I have ever lost at one time. 

How you ask??? 

Well stay tuned on this little journey I will start telling you over the next few weeks. 
Most of my posts are about Stampin' Up! but I want to include more of just bear with me ;)

Summer 2017 before I even started my program

February 2018 - down 48lbs

I was thinking that I don't look any different...but by the looks of it...I do see a difference ;)

Consistency....that is the key.
Just keep trying...Just keep going

Have an awesome day

Judy said...

I'm so proud of you Nicole! Keep up the great work! :)

Babe O'Mara said...

I've noticed recently that you look fabulous, couldn't pinpoint the reason as I didn't know you were trying to lose weight. I thought it was your hair or makeup. You keep it up girl. You are GORGEOUS!!!

Elaine Fujimoto said...

That's awesome! 👍😀

Kathy said...

This is ahhhh.mazing! Looking forward to hearing more about this. I'd like to lose weight myself. In 2012 I was had Ovarian which threw me into menopause and perhaps some depression....'will I live or die?' kind of thing which added 30 pounds to my weight.....anywho, you are an inspiration!