Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School time tomorrow already

Wow...the summer went fast. It seems as though we have been really busy. We've been to the beach a few times. :) and camping...Caitlyn went to Lakeview on a church missions trip where they did Vacation Bible school for a small town church, and then before coming back they took a detour and went to San Francisco for a night. :) How fun. We played around town, and became huge fans of sushi.

But starts again tomorrow. School schedules in place, backpacks ready, teachers and classrooms found, one tucked in bed and ready for sleep and the other moving that direction soon. :)

For Sara, my 4th grader, we made a little candy bar purse for her teacher. :) What a fun way to say good morning on that first day. :) I love this little gift card candy bar purse that Cindy designed over at Crazy for Crafting. I've used it several times for little fun gifts for friends. :)

One of the next things I'm going to be working on is "Save the Date" cards for Ned's and my wedding next year. 11-11-11 will come quicker than you think. I have my ideas all together, just need to get some pictures taken...and then get them into a card. :) Hopefully I'll have something to post in the next couple of weeks. :)

Nighty night for now.

P.S. I've made a budget for the girls and I. Lets see if we can stick to would be a goooood thing, and we would be debt free by August 2012...except for a house...but everything else paid...yes that includes the car and student loans....crazyyyy cool. Let's hope we can stick to it.
Doanz said...

You can do it, 'Cole! I am so proud of you!