Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer busyness has meant less craftiness. :(

So...I have crafted since Father's  In fact quite a lot right after Father's Day for Sara's 9th Birthday party, just not a whole lot since then. Not only did I make her a card and a board book, but she helped me decorate about 16 goodie bags for her friends. She wanted a different critter on the front of each bag. Sara and I went to work at it. We decided what critter, and then picked out the colors for each, set those aside, and when we had all the colors and critters picked out, we cut them all on the cricut, and then put them all together. Kind of assembly line like. :) We had a good time. She chose a specific critter for each of her guests.

Sara definitely needed a board book for her birthday since everyone else has gotten one as well. lol Around here we all call her Sara her book said "Sara" and then had a bee at the end. :) She loved it. I filled it with pictures of her family and memories over the years. :) 

For Sara's birthday, she started out with breakfast in bed, followed by a pedicure with me, her sister, and her grandma. Then it was off to build a bear for some fun, and then out to dinner with friends, followed by a Twilight filled evening to include the midnight showing of  "Eclipse".  What a great birthday she had. :) Not to mention a skating party that followed the weekend after with all her friends and family. :)