Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pho and a Limeade....mmmmm

I just have to start out by saying....Thank you so much Renee for lunch yesterday. :) I really needed it. You got all of our favorites...and it was perfect. Thank you for listening...and agreeing...and advising. I needed it all.  And know...your words did not go unheard....I heard it all. :) ...and also...I can't wait to get one of those bushes....they smelled amazzzzzingggg!!!

Besides lunch with my friend, I cricuted today. I made some new boxes...and I love them. :) No pictures of those...sorry...they are presents. :) However...I did make a new project for my sister and her husband for their anniversary.
I've seen these folding albums before, but I figured it out on my own. So here it is. :) I also made a semi matching card. :)

Last Friday night Sara and I also watched "The Pink Stamper" live at CHA. We had popcorn and soda and sat up on Sara's bed for over an hour. There were so many giveaways...and can you believe it...I didn't win a one. :( Oh time.  Well...I better get going for now.  A little rest is in order as I've been sick with a cold.

Ned said...

I love your latest work! Amazing...

Doanz said...

WOW! The innovative designs don't stop! Now I know what we are going to have to wait in line for next year for me. :) Love the pattern, and love my good sista even more!